🤹 World Juggling Day 🤹 ·

World Juggling Day is a Pastafarian Holy Day which occurred on .

World Juggling Day is celebrated on the Saturday closest to June. Juggling requires discipline, dedication, and lots of practice. This entertaining act can be done with several items ranging from balls and bowling pins to bottles and knives — the possibilities are endless. People can get into juggling at any age as the only prerequisite for this skill is passion. Juggling is an old form of entertainment. There’s evidence in paintings on ancient Egyptian tombs where ladies can be seen juggling multiple items. Circuses also had special juggling segments in their shows as juggling was considered to be a special skill that only a few could master. However, with the advent of television and the internet, the art form’s popularity has grown significantly. [1]

Pastafarian holidays are observed by adherents of Pastafarianism, the world’s fastest-growing carbohydrate-based religion.